Customer Support


If there is a technical issue of any type with NeuroGuideâ„¢ and/or the NeuroNavigator, contact Customer Service by email or telephone.

We are available to help you Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Call: (727) 767-0505 or (727) 434-5748


If you need customer support and you do not have TeamViewer installed on the computer in question, download the free version of TeamViewer and select the Basic Installation option during the install.

The Information We Need to Assist You:

Please provide specific details of any issue(s) or problem(s) that you may have encountered when installing or using NeuorGuideâ„¢ and/or the NeuroNavigator. Also, attach a screen shot(s) of any error message(s) that you may have received.

If you are unable take a screen shot(s), please type the error message(s), word for word and include all symbols, numbers and/or characters in the error message.

In addition, please provide the following information about the computer, on which NeuroGuide and/or the NeuroNavigator is installed:

  • Type of Computer (Window PC, Mac with Window emulator).

  • The Version Number of the NeuroGuide installed the Computer. (Open NG, Click on Help, then select Version Information...)

  • The Operating System, including the Version Number. (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10)

  • Name and Model Number of each Graphic Card installed on the computer. (Go the Device Manager and click on the arrow () in front of the Display adapters for this information)

  • Name of any and all Anti-Virus Software installed on the computer. (Norton, McAfee, BullGuard..)

  • Name of any Internet Security Software, installed on the computer. (Kaspersky, Norton..)

  • Name of any and all Mal-Ware or Spy-Ware installed on the computer.

  • Name(s) of System Performance, Optimization and/or Care Apps installed on the computer.

When Emailing Us:

Make sure you have TeamViewer installed on the computer in question.... email Customer Support your TeamViewer ID and Password. Plus include your NeuroGuUided Customer ID and License ID and attach the screen shot(s) of any error message(s) and provide all the information requested above.

You can find your NeuroGuide Customer ID Number and License ID Number by opening NeuroGuide, clicking on Help and then selecting License Information...

When Calling Us:

Please be prepared to provide all The Information We Need to Assist You (see list above). In addition, make sure your version of TeamViewer has a password, or we will not be able to connect to your computer.


If you have any questions about our Customer Service policies or the practices, please feel free to contact us.